Forum Thread: How to Cook Spicy and Delicious Mussels / Mussels in the Style of the Minangkabau // Recipes for Minangkabau People

Assalamu'alaikum culinary friends

In this video, Rang Kamang shares how to cook spicy and tasty mussels like the Minangkabau people. Mussels / shellfish by PENSI by Minangkabau people

Here are the ingredients / recipes;

  1. 20 onions
  2. Garlic 5 cloves.
  3. 10-sheet kaffir lime leaves.
  4. 10 sheets of leaves.
  5. 3 pieces of pandan leaves.
  6. 3 pieces of turmeric leaves and then tied.
  7. Lemongrass 3 sticks
  8. Onion 3 sticks.
  9. 6 celery leaves twigs
  10. Chili fruit 16 pieces.
  11. Turmeric one thumb segment
  12. Ginger one thumb segment.
  13. Galangal 3 times the thumb.
  14. Chicken miso / satay oil one sachet (if there is none)

replace with soup / spices)

  1. Fried onions 5 tablespoons.
  2. Large two-liter mussels / clams.
  3. 5 tablespoons salt.

Note the above seasonings can be used for 4 liters of large shells / mussels. Good luck friends.

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